Once Upon A Time...

In 2011, A group of friends met on a site now gone to time. As this site evaporated from our world, we packed our things and we moved to a new home, our home. Tardisblue had been born. Many times over the past decade we have regenerated into something better with each step but as all things that are good, things must come to an end, Tardisblue was no exception.

But I, Michele, could not allow that to happen. I consulted the Council of Elders and we in agreement traveled to a new land once again and have rebuilt our home. Along with us have come all of our faithful sponsors who are the reason that we exist at all.

If you are not yet a sponsor, you have a small window to be grandfathered in, which will include access to the library! Get in on this now!


Please Note: We will be replacing this donation box with a new subscription system. At that time our minimum sponsorship level will be increased. Those who are sponsors before the change will remain at current sponsorship levels.