The Smurfiest Channel

I have been generally absent for a really long time and trying to get back to who I am and what makes me happy. This actually has worked, in many ways.

I want to get back in touch with you guys on a daily basis and this is where I exist these days (due to other circumstances beyond my control). So I have come up with a way for you guys to hang out with me. If you would like to play along with me, let me know and I would be happy to add you to my growing team.

So, A little about this place. I am playing Grand Theft Auto Online. It is a multiplayer game set in an open world. It is an old game but its still pretty good if you ask me. The setting is based on Los Angles an Southern California. There are many meta games inside this game and I choose to play a version that some folk in the real world would take as toxic. Let me be clear, this is a game that I play for my own personal entertainment and my gamestyle (toxic) in no way reflects my values and/or character in the real world.

Consider this my official disclaimer!
All are welcome! Enjoy!

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